Joanne Paul

King and counsel: Aristotle and his Pupil Alexander, woodcut, by Otto Spamer, 1876 © akg-images.

The uneasy balance between rulers and counsellors has been a feature of British politics for centuries.

Bodleian Library, Oxford: Duke Humfrey's library with a man studying (detail). Frederick Mackenzie, 1787. Wellcome Collection.

What happened when a historian took the ‘Life in the UK’ test for British citizenship?

Henry VIII’s granddaughter survived numerous scandals, family tragedy and seven monarchs. 

Eve (detail), panel painting in oil by Lucas Cranach the Elder, 1528.

The central paradox to the story of Adam and Even is that, the more reality they take on, the more they are shown to be fiction.

Scholar or zealot, every generation gets the Thomas More it needs.

Thomas More, painted by Hans Holbein the Younger

The 500th anniversary of the publication of Utopia is a chance to appreciate Thomas More in all his complexity.