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Jeffrey Richards

The Vikings are back with a vengeance, writes Jeffrey Richards

The Oscar-winning film is re-released ahead of the Olympic Games.

Britain and the United States may have been on the same side during the Second World War, but cinematic representations of the conflict could stir controversy between them, as Jeffrey Richards explains.

Jeffrey Richards rekindles Humphrey Jennings' stirring wartime portrayal of firefighters who became heroes of the Blitz.

Jeffrey Richards looks at a stage where Victorian theatre attained its apogee

Five hundred years after Richard III came to the throne, Jeffrey Richards seeks to evaluate those 'tales' and explain the continuing fascination of the short reign of the last Plantagent king of England

Films interest the modern historian for they reflect the preoccupations and conventions of an age. In this article, Jeffrey Richards shows how the British cinema-goer in the 1930s saw the world according to the British Board of Censors.