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James Barker

British and Indian troops at the Lions’ Gate, Jerusalem’s Old City, 4 April 1920 © Bridgeman Images.

What the Easter 1920 riots in Jerusalem revealed about British rule in Palestine.

James Barker describes the impact of an SOE mission in wartime Greece 70 years ago this month to demolish the Gorgopotamos railway bridge.

Suggestions that the European Union should have control over Greece’s budget in order to curb its debt crisis have caused a fierce reaction from Athens. James Barker explores a parallel situation in 19th-century Egypt.

With a solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians as far away as ever, James Barker looks back to Britain’s occupation of the region and the efforts made by the future Viscount Montgomery to impose peace on its warring peoples.

James Barker reveals how parsimony and muddle in Whitehall in the first years of the British Mandate in Palestine almost led to disaster in August 1929.

The hotel after the bombing

James Barker considers the role of terrorism in the establishment of Israel.

A view from the town hall over the Altstadt (old town), 1910

James Barker on ‘Bomber’ Harris, the RAF’s wartime bombing campaign of Germany, and propaganda.