Gordon Marsden

Advertising: A Mad Man's World

A former editor of History Today reflects on the advertisements that helped to fund the first 20 years of this magazine’s publication and explores the wider messages they reveal about sexism, empire and swinging Britain during the 1950s and 1960s.

Henry VII: Miracle King

Henry Tudor invoked providence to gain his throne in 1485, but it was skilful use of heraldic and religious imagery, as well as promotion of the cult of Henry VI that ensured he retained it.


Reflections from the editors of History Today, Rodina and Damals on the meaning of 1945.

Blood and Roses

The MP for Blackpool South and ex-editor of History Today describes how his early interest in history bewildered his family but proved ineradicable.

The Commons’ People

Gordon Marsden on the origins and future of the project to chart the history of the Houses of Parliament.