The medical advice in Bald’s Leechbook outlasted the language in which it was written.

The real and mythical dangers of the wilderness.

The beginning of another year provides Eleanor Parker with an opportunity to reflect on a meditation on time that combines exquisite Old English poetry with early medieval science.  

A leading Anglo-Saxon scholar, whose influence will be felt for generations to come.

In the debate over the term 'Dark Ages' the importance of Tintagel in early medieval Britain should not be forgotten.

Simon Keynes argues that the reign of the famously incompetent king, who died in London a thousand years ago, is in need of reappraisal.

Though he was king for just 222 days, the life and legacy of Edmund II, who ascended to the English throne 1,000 years ago this year, remain impressive, claims David McDermott.

Far from a static system, Anglo-Saxon personal names reflected societal changes.

Schoolboys forget their books, lose their pens and laugh at dirty jokes. This was true even in the rigorous atmosphere of the Anglo-Saxon classroom.

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