Ancient Egypt

Despite a total lack of evidence, the belief that grains of wheat found in Ancient Egyptian tombs could produce bountiful crops was surprisingly hardy. 

Kate Wiles surveys one of the world's oldest surviving maps, prepared for a quarrying expedition led by Ramesses IV.

Writing a comprehensive history of Ancient Egypt is no easy task, especially when the author, as here, aims to create a more balanced story than that...
Mankind’s interaction with the honey bee, apis mellifera , and the magical properties of honey and beeswax, goes back well into the...

Egyptian artisans produced work that continues to amaze millennia later, but they were human and fallible, too, and their work was often far from perfect.

The obelisk is that which now graces the south lawn of Kingston Lacy, a magnificent National Trust property in Dorset. The Englishman is the Nubian...

The archaeologist Howard Carter died on March 2nd, 1939.

The army has been a player in the affairs of Egypt for at least 5,000 years, says Tom Holland.

In the year 30 BC one of the most remarkable women who have ever lived, Cleopatra, the Ptolemaic Queen of Egypt, perished by her own hand.

S.G.F. Brandon explains how, early in the history of Egyptian religion, Osiris, the slain king, emerged as the classic prototype of the saviour-god, whose death and resurrection assures his worshippers a new life.