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A staple of Russia and the Slavic world, borscht has inspired films and novels – and has even reached outer space.

Vadim Kozin. Dan Healey argues convincingly in this scholarly work that homophobic persecution has its origins in Russia’s experience of political...

The Russian Revolution should not be confined to 1917. The legacy of its leader and chief ideologue lives on in all its terrible contradictions.

Russian poster depicting the October Revolution, 1917. A self-critical author writing his memoirs sounds like a contradiction in terms. Angus...
‘Oh, the novel jokes of the merry muse of history’, wrote Nikolai Sukhanov to describe the events of October 1917 in Russia. That the Bolsheviks...

Leo Steveni was a British officer based in St Petersburg at the time of the Russian Revolution. He became an active eyewitness to the chaos of the Civil War that followed.

The October Revolution of 1917 inspired a generation of young Russians to embrace new ideals of socialist living.

Wild yet chaste, impudent and ageless, Sarah Bernhardt was inescapably Oscar Wilde’s Salomé, ‘the most splendid creation’.

Alexander Kerensky, the last Russian premier before the Bolsheviks took power, decided to continue the war with Germany. He and his country would pay the price.

Underneath the sweeping history of the Russian Revolution is another story, one told through the lesser-known people, moments and objects of a world in transformation.