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Volume 69 Issue 4 April 2019

Four historians consider the desirability of profound political change and the methods used to attain it.

The Iraq War has damned the former British Prime Minister in the eyes of many. But his support for regime change was widely shared at the time.

The evolution of an English Easter delicacy associated with mothers and Tudor pretenders.

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini became a lightning rod for the mass protests which overthrew the Shah of Iran in 1979, but the causes of the Iranian Revolution lay elsewhere.

Women may be largely absent from traditional accounts of the Mongol conquests, but they played a crucial role in creating the largest of all land empires.

Problems with public transport are almost as old as New York itself. One proposed solution was nothing but hot air.

Mythical tales of giants are rooted in geological realities.

The late-medieval papal chapel was a powerful jewel in the papal tiara.

Having produced, directed and starred in a lascivious play, West was charged with ‘corrupting the morals of youth’ on 19 April 1927.

William (‘Willie’) Lamont (1934-2018) changed our understanding of religion and the civil war.

Without political power of her own, Fulvia wielded that of her husbands. 

Every generation has its own Robin, adapted to fit the needs of the time.

The father of modern optics could not have succeeded had he not feigned madness.

A century on, it’s hard to say something entirely original about the Amritsar massacre. Kim Wagner pulls together the tragedy’s various threads and...
It is a good moment to take the pulse of the man who epitomised France in the 20th century. In 2020, General Charles de Gaulle will have been dead...
With the First World War centenary now behind us, the question may be asked: did we do justice to the Indian story? There have been a number of well-...
Those few students in Britain who study Islamic history by and large learn the Sunni version. This is the familiar story of the four ‘rightly-guided...
Two books examine the United States’ war in Vietnam from different perspectives. Michael G. Kort’s The Vietnam War Reexamined is US-centred...

Social media recreates the anxieties associated with early modern puritanism.

‘What’s the most important lesson history has taught me? That the same arguments come around again and again.’

Restoring women to history presents challenges – and some opposition.