Volume 48 Issue 8 August 1998

The author of Wuthering Heights died on 19 December, 1848, aged 30.

One of Elizabeth I's court favourites died on August 4th, 1598, aged 77.

The battle between the British Navy and that of the French Republic took place on August 1st, 1798.

Richard Cavendish visits Traquair House, in Peeblesshire

One of Elizabeth I's court favourites died on August 4th, 1598, aged 77.

Women as perpetrators of crime, rather than its victims, were figures of especial fascination and loathing in the Victorian popular press. Judith Knelman delves deeper.

August 3rd 1948

Nicholas Bourbon was a humanist, poet and religious reformer, and a member of Anne Boleyn’s circle. Eric Ives shows how his work throws new light on the Henrician Reformation.

Before 1867, Alaska was a Russian fur-trading colony, its values and laws derived from Moscow and, in part, from the European Enlightenment. Ernest Sipes looks at the relations between the colonists and the native peoples.

The 1954 lawsuit brought against the US Army by Joseph McCarthy marked a turning point in public attitude towards the ‘Red Scare’ Senator. Thomas Doherty tells how television played a crucial role in his demise.

John Adler explores the changing interpretations of Shakespeare’s history plays on stage - from Garrick to the new Globe.

The American Civil War provided commercial opportunities for the sailors and industrialists of Glasgow, not all of them in line with official government policy. Alistair Goldsmith reviews the ways in which the authorities kept an eye on what was going on.