Volume 46 Issue 8 August 1996

Tudor Political Culture Edited by Dale Hoak - Cambridge University Press, 1995 - xvii + 382 pp. - £35 Tudor Frontiers and Noble Power Steven G. Ellis - Oxford University Press, 1995 - xxvi + 303 pp. - £35

Richard Cavendish unthreads the history of this Worcestershire museum.

Beasts behind bars - Katharine MacDonogh tells the tale of the animals forced to share their owners' fall from grace after 1789.

Britain's private heritage revealed

Clive Coultass recounts tales of derring-do and chivalry in the making of this Second World War naval epic

Ben Shepard looks at the post-war experiences of Japanese POWs.

Philip Mansel looks at interchange and intrigue in the cross-currents of 18th-century culture between East and West.

Peter Coates looks at how environmental history is pushing its way up the agenda.

Phillip Drennon Thomas on how Henry III's elephant started the ball rolling for one of London's earliest visitor attractions. 

Archaeology dig in Israel causes reassessment of ancient Middle East