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Volume 46 Issue 10 October 1996

Richard Cavendish visits one of the most evocative regimental museums in the country.

Elizabeth van Houts reconstructs memories of occupation (with echoes of the 1940s) from post-Norman conquest chronicles.

Richard Hodges wanders through the medieval village of Rocca in Tuscany.

Edward Coleman weighs up Modern Italy's Northern League against its medieval Lombard inspiration.

Edward Ranson on the house race that split and defined a fin-de-siecle US.

Gordon Marsden reviews the millennium exhibition that challenges preconceptions about the European nation state.

Tony Aldgate looks at how a 60s film about a Cockney Lothario dealt with sex, censorship and angry/ cynical young men.

Dauvit Broun looks at the making of a nation, 1000-1300, which formed a crucial element in the shaping of medieval Britain.

Douglas Johnson on why French historians are still arguing about the Holocaust.

Wesleyan Catholicism - a contradiction in terms? Not in the 18th century, argues Charles Goodwin.

Alfred Rosenberg, Joachim von Ribbentrop and others were condemned on 16th October, 1946.