Volume 2 Issue 3 March 1952

J.D. Hargreaves on the turn-of-the-century visit of Russia's Nicholas II to France and its wider diplomatic ramifications.

Gerald Cobb explores secrets of the capital's ecclesiastical architecture.

Adrian Brunel profiles the influential revolutionary pamphleteer and political philosopher.

James Joll introduces the career of an extraordinary German historian and patriot.

Naomi Mitchinson on the complex linguistic legacies of the travelling people.

J.H. Plumb profiles, perhaps, the finest orator to hold the office of British Prime Minister.

F.M. Godfrey sifts through diverse depictions of Italy's Renaissance family.

L.B. Namier investigates the “ever-recurring divergence between fixed ideas and a changing reality”.

Christopher Lloyd documents some lesser known companions on the great voyager's journies.