Issue 65 December 2009

Andrew Boxer welcomes a new textbook on recent American history.

Eamon Duffy **** Yale University Press 2009 207 pages, £19.99 ISBN 978-0-300-15216-6 Professor Eamon Duffy’s Fires of Faith is an...
‘I have decided to get rid of Brooke. He hates me. You can see the hate in his eyes.’ Thus Churchill to General Ismay who then told Brooke (later...

Russell Tarr sees similarities but also important contrasts in the foreign policies of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy

John Spiller surveys race relations in the United States during Reconstruction and constructs a balance sheet.

Emily Parton asks a key question about Italian unification, in the winning entry of History Review magazine's 2009 Julia Wood Award.

Simon Lemieux examines examples of German Protestant propaganda.

Nick Smart scrutinises Chamberlain's foreign policy and the historiography of appeasement.

Patrick Williams provides us with the results of the latest research on the Armada

Alan Sharp takes a fresh look at the statesmen responsible for the Treaty of Versailles