Issue 63 March 2009

Graham Goodlad examines differing interpretations of the part played by King Charles I in the outbreak of the civil war.

R. E. Foster examines the career of Pitt the Younger.

Janet Copeland introduces one of the most important feminist figures in twentieth-century history.

John Etty questions whether Serb nationalism was an irresistible force that helped unleash the First World War.

Simon Lemieux provides an overview of 16th-century Catholicism, focusing on the key issues often selected by examiners.

John Swift examines a vital element of the Cold War and assesses the motives of the Superpowers.

Jeremy Black prepares readers for the rigours of university history.

Hannes Kleineke examines the career of the first Yorkist king.

David Hipshon regrets the degree to which our history syllabuses have censored the roles of British heroes.

Robert Pearce recommends a first-hand account of the Third Reich.