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Issue 60 March 2008

Richard Wilkinson, our regular reviewer, has been reading books on the early modern and modern periods.

R. E. Foster explains the young Palmerston’s progress from Tory to Liberal.

Richard Hughes shows there is more of historical interest to William Prynne than his famous auditory organs.

Antonio Cazorla-Sanchez introduces a distinctive method of engaging with the past.

Thomas Wolsey, unknown artist.

Peter Marshall asks how diligently Wolsey served his Church.

Ken Rise explains the process by which Hitler’s will became the law in Nazi Germany.

Amanda Forshaw advises how to approach ‘Themes’ units.

Winston Churchill

Robert Pearce asks why Labour’s period in office under Clement Attlee came to an end.

Mark Rathbone examines the importance of one Alabama town’s contribution to the civil rights movement.

Lessons from the Auschwitz Project. Robert Carr shares his experiences.