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Issue 59 December 2007

Hannah Boston explains how a single piece of evidence contributes to a wider understanding.

Andrew Boxer considers explanations for France’s disastrous foreign policy between the wars.

Benito Mussolini and Fascist Blackshirt youth in 1935.

Thomas Meakin asks to what extent Italian Fascism represented a triumph of style over substance.

Gervase Phillips examines the extent and significance of an often misunderstood phenomenon.

Drawing on classroom experience, Viv Sanders offers advice and seeks answers.

Julius Ruiz evaluates Franco’s role during the conflict.

Matthew MacLachlan asks how far Napoleon defeated himself.

Judith Richards helps us appreciate a Marian perspective on the reign of the boy-king.

Michael Willis focuses on the origins of the Boer War in a way that could make for a stimulating role-play.

Marie Rowlands charts the changing fortunes of a religious minority.