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Issue 55 September 2006

Jonathan Colman provides an overview of modern British Imperial History, introducing the key events and issues that students need to understand.

Harold Wilson

Ian Cawood charts the changing reputation of a key figure in the postwar Labour Party.

Russell Tarr explains how the Bolsheviks established their grip on Russia after the 1917 Revolution, and at what cost.

Michael Broers argues that the influence of Napoleon’s Empire was out of all proportion to its duration.

Graham Noble examines the origins and traces the consequences of the notorious Edict of 1492.

Paul Ward gives guidance to students on making a key transition.

Gervase Phillips explains how and why Henry so badly mishandled his relations with the Scots.

John Spiller examines interpretations of the role of Parliament in the reign of the first Stuart king.

Graham Goodlad examines the management of public opinion by British governments between the French Revolutionary conflict and the Great War.

Viv Sanders puts an inspiring figure, and an important event, into historical perspective.