Issue 33 March 1999

Chartism Revisited

Eric Evans not only updates us on the latest research on Chartism but recommends how to avoid examination pitfalls.

The Reign of Mary Tudor - A Reassessment

Michael Hutchings argues that for too long Protestant historians have concentrated on the negative aspects of the era of ‘Bloody Mary' and that, in sharp contrast, there are positive achievements to her credit.

The Medici Brothers 1469-78

Robert Hole examines the often misunderstood careers of Lorenzo the Magnificent and his brother Giuliano, whose power in Renaissance Florence was wielded with great subtlety and skill.

The Spanish Civil War: If the Republic Had Won

It is often said that the 'ifs of history' are fascinating but fruitless. Here, Rob Stradling shows that a counter-factual consideration of what might have happened allows us new insights into the significance of what did happen.