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Edward VI

Edward VI as a child, by Hans Holbein the Younger, c.1538 © Bridgeman Images.

The long-awaited christening of Prince Edward was tempered by the plague.

Four hundred years ago the Duke of Northumberland made his vain attempt to exclude Mary and Elizabeth Tudor from the succession in favour of Jane Grey. S.T. Bindoff reconstructs the circumstances and development of this daring and ingenious plot and produces a new document, throwing light on it, which he recently discovered in the Archives at Brussels.

Judith Richards helps us appreciate a Marian perspective on the reign of the boy-king.

John Matusiak referees the debate about the influence of Henry VIII’s son.

Jennifer Loach (whose work has been edited by George Bernard and Penry Williams) goes back to the original sources to show that, despite his image as a pious sickly child, Edward VI was very much his father's son.

Pawn of elder statesmen or, as Matthew Christmas argues, another Henry VIII in the making?