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Low and the Dictators

Timothy Benson assesses Hitler's irritated reaction to being lampooned by David Low of the Evening Standard.

Rendezvous, 20 September 1939.Sir David Low (1891-1963) was probably the most celebrated political cartoonist of the last century. He is best remembered today for the way he mercilessly ridiculed in a humorous vein the dictators, Hitler and Mussolini, during the 1930s. Despite several attempts to censor him, Low fought an almost personal war against Hitler and the Nazis which was played out for all to see in the pages of the Evening Standard. Michael Foot, Acting Editor on the Evening Standard from 1938, felt that Low’s attacks on Hitler met with considerable success: ‘Low contributed more than any other single figure and as a result changed the atmosphere in the way people saw Hitler. Other cartoonists did not have such a long-standing record’, he commented in 1996.

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