History Today

As the search for lost medieval kings continues, interest in them seems stronger than ever. But a warning from the past speaks of their – and our – ruin.

Legal history can be the dullest of subjects. Stories of the development of court rules and practices necessarily involve explanations of complex...

Did the idea of nuclear war make Britain’s wartime leader more God-fearing?

Western Australia’s desire to secede as ‘Westralia’ in 1933 was undermined by a change in Britain’s attitude towards its Empire.

In 1988, Oxford University Press published Margaret Aston’s England’s Iconoclasts. Vol.1: Laws Against Images, a book which...

Mao Zedong’s brutal campaign to purify Communist China, which began in the early 1960s, resulted in a decade of chaos that has left an indelible stain on the nation’s politics.

The rebuilding of London required an image of what had been lost. Kate Wiles shares one such survey from 1669.

The epic German offensive to take the strategically crucial fortress in north-west France reached its bloody end 100 years ago this month. Robert Foley looks at how and why Erich von Falkenhayn, the Chief of the German General Staff, sought to break the deadlock on the Western Front.

The Vietnam War has long been represented through the ‘authenticity’ of the GI experience. Those who ‘were there’ and related their experiences of...

As the holders of both our cultural and personal memories, books seem sacred and their destruction, no matter the cause, is always shocking, writes Kenneth Baker.