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Ash and cod have long dominated foreigners’ notions of Iceland. While other countries’ ships fished the well-stocked seas, naturalists found the...

The concentration camp was an enduring and defining feature of the Third Reich. Internment camps have existed before and since, but only in Nazi...

One of the greatest films of all time made its debut on May 1st, 1941.

The first White Rajah of Sarawak was born on April 29th, 1803.

Writing a comprehensive history of Ancient Egypt is no easy task, especially when the author, as here, aims to create a more balanced story than...

The attempt to overthrow British rule and found an Irish Republic began on April 24th, 1916.

Few events have been as romanticised and misunderstood as the Jacobite Rebellion. And, as Jacqueline Riding explains, politics has brought its myths to the fore once again.

There are to sides to every story but the survival of sources from antiquity means we do not always see both. Tim Whitmarsh calls for a more nuanced view of Jews in the Greco-Roman world.

Simon Keynes argues that the reign of the famously incompetent king, who died in London a thousand years ago, is in need of reappraisal.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola became General of the Society of Jesus on April 19th, 1541.