Wedding of Prince Arthur and Catherine of Aragon

Published in History Today

L.W. Cowie describes the wedding of Prince Arthur and Catherine of Aragon on November 14th, 1501.

Arthur around the time of his marriage c.1501On Sunday 14th November 1501 the wedding of Prince Arthur, Henry VII's eldest son, and Princess Catherine of Aragon was celebrated splendidly in old St Paul's Cathedral. Stands had been erected in the nave for the most important guests; and for the marriage itself there was a timber platform twelve feet wide and four feet high with steps on every side and covered with red baize. This was, a chronicler declared, 'like unto the haut-place of the christening of the King's children,' and it stood against the consistory court over the north portion of the cloisters adjacent to the choir and north transept so that the King and Queen could privately go there through a door made for the occasion 'to hear and see the ceremonies of the marriage at their pleasure.'

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