History Matters

South Polar Chart, 1901.

First sighted in 1820, for much of human history Antarctica has been an abstract idea.

Power couple: The Lover's Seat: Shelley and Mary Godwin in Old St Pancras Churchyard by William Powell Frith, 1877

Behind the dominating presence of Frankenstein, the richness of Mary Shelley’s life is in danger of being lost.

Dedicated: portrait of a lady identified as Catherine Howard, Holbein the Younger

Seemingly inconsequential, dedicating books to royalty was a vital part of Tudor publishing.

Wendell Phillips, 1952.

Wendell Phillips is not remembered fondly in Yemen. 

Not to be ignored: Kitty Marion, Criminal Record Office, c.1913.

Why is it so easy to forget an unsavoury aspect of Britain’s recent past?

Women had few powers in Ancient Greece – except in death.

The peoples of Germany's African colonies recovered from the conflict against all the odds.

A servant fixes a young woman's hair. Detail of a fresco from the Villa of the Mysteries, Pompeii, c.50 BC

‘We have not kept our women individually under control, we now dread them collectively’, said Cato the Elder, as women took to the streets to protest unfair laws.

The first royal divorce scandal in European history pioneered a new kind of crisis.

Uzbekistan, from Silk Road to Soviet Union.