East India Company

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Fighting back: Newsweek employees hold a press conference in New York with lawyer Eleanor Holmes Norton to announce their suit under the 1964 Civil Rights Act, March 16th, 1970. © Bettmann/Getty Images

By Marama Whyte

New US equality laws in the 1960s meant a revolution in journalism, as the women of the press fought for their place.

By Rhys Griffiths

Reparations paid by the Chinese to the US following the Boxer Rebellion were used to open Tsinghua University in Beijing on 11 April, 1911.

Picturesque Views of England and Wales by James Tibbets Willmore, 19th century

By Sarah J.P. McNeill

An excursion through the joys and trials of holidays past: taking in the scenery, enjoying the regional delicacies and being rude about the locals.

Creative healing: The Hydra, alongside a photograph of Wilfred Owen. Ⓒ Johnny Greig.

By Emily Turner

The Hydra, a magazine produced by shell shock patients, was pioneering as a mental health care treatment.

At war: French soldiers in Madagascar, May 1947 Ⓒ AFP/Getty Images

By R. T. Howard

Anglo-French relations, often fraught, came to a head in the crucible of the Indian Ocean.

Troubled waters: The last of England, by Ford Madox Brown, 1860. Ⓒ Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge/Bridgeman Images

By Gill Hoffs

Seeking a new life when poverty forced them from their homes, Victorian emigrants were at the mercy of others.

Raw memories: detail from the Holodomor memorial, Kyiv. Ⓒ Tibor Bognar / Alamy

By Suzannah Lipscomb

The maxim ‘show don’t tell’ is often forgotten when film-makers confront historical horrors, argues Suzannah Lipscomb, as two recent cinema releases demonstrate.

By Frank Furedi

The ideas set out by Martin Luther sparked a reformation in the idea of authority itself. 

By Paul Lay

Ⓒ Alamy

By Rhys Griffiths