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History Matters

By Jonathan Healey

The 17th century was not as violent and brutal as is often perceived. Though punishments could be harsh, they took place within a largely peaceful society.

By Julie Peakman

Oral history breathes fresh life into a deadly battle of the Second World War.

By Rhys Griffiths

Exploring the history of the Korean peninsula beyond the north-south divide.  

By Daniel Renshaw

The division of migrants into those who are of benefit to British society and those who are not has a long history.

By Joseph Kaifala

Was the new king of Sierra Leone poisoned on his return voyage from England?

By Justin & Stephanie Pollard

4 October 1896 - 4 October 1964.

By Robert Johnson

European powers sought to colonise the world. They could not do so without the support of indigenous peoples.

A selection of images shortlisted for 2017.

By History Today

Everything you need to know about entering this year's prize.

'Overtaken in a Hurricane in Jamaica, 1812', by Catherine Street (Brown University Library/World Digital Library).

By Oscar Webber

In the wake of Hurricane Irma we are reminded that the effects of natural disasters are never entirely natural.

By Morgane Guinard

A French priest’s shocking attack on religion called for the fall of altars and the heads of kings.