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Laurie Johnston explores the significance of public education in Cuba's efforts to forge a national identity in a period of US intervention.

Antonio Cazorla-Sanchez introduces a distinctive method of engaging with the past.

Issue: 60 2008

As Fidel Castro finally hands over the reins of power after forty-nine years, Michael Simmons finds his country poised between past and future.

Volume: 58 Issue: 4 2008

Tim Clancey advises on how to use historians’ writings to your best advantage.

Issue: 57 2007
Richard Willis believes the government should pay attention to the history of teacher-training in its plans for school-based training schemes for graduates.
Volume: 57 Issue: 4 2007

Drawing on classroom experience, Viv Sanders offers advice and seeks answers.

Issue: 59 2007

Fiona Kisby provides practical help for those preparing for the challenging History AEA.

Issue: 57 2007
Juliet Gardiner reviews the current exhibition at Tate Liverpool that celebrates the British flair for documentary film-making.
Volume: 56 Issue: 4 2006

Rob Johnston advises that we adopt a questioning approach.

Issue: 54 2006
A recent government initiative suggests Britain is failing in its policies towards children in care. Jad Adams explains how similar concerns a hundred years ago lay behind the development of the first children’s ‘village homes’.
Volume: 56 Issue: 12 2006

Paul Ward gives guidance to students on making a key transition.

Issue: 55 2006

Russel Tarr shows that there is much more to using video than pressing ‘play’.

Issue: 54 2006

Once again Russel Tarr demonstrates how ICT can enrich and enliven the work of historians.

Issue: 56 2006

Jon Cook points to the value of school visits for history students.

Issue: 52 2005

Graham Goodlad gives advice to those starting their study of History in the Sixth Form.

Issue: 52 2005
Ben Power takes a tour of the London Library, an invaluable resource for historians and History Today, and describes plans for a sensitive expansion beginning this year.
Volume: 56 Issue: 1 2005

Stephen Roberts reveals the key to enjoying, and succeeding at, the study of the past.

Issue: 51 2005

Patrick McNally introduces an institution in the Midlands of growing national importance.

Issue: 52 2005

John Matusiak explains how to tackle typical questions successfully.

Issue: 49 2004
David Bates introduces a major conference exploring the place of history in our schools and colleges.
Volume: 54 Issue: 12 2004

Trevor Fisher examines the ongoing debate over how history is taught in the classroom.


Nick Fellows offers practical advice.

Issue: 50 2004

Richard Carwardine describes the new library dedicated to Abraham Lincoln.

Volume: 53 Issue: 2 2003

Russel Tarr demonstrates how today’s technology can enliven teaching and learning about the past.

Issue: 47 2003

Elliot Richman provides a useful strategy for the ultimate test.

Issue: 45 2003
Peter Furtado on the new National Awards for History Teaching in Higher Education.
Volume: 53 Issue: 3 2003

Andrew Mendelsohn outlines the attractions of a fast-growing an popular field of study.

Volume: 53 Issue: 2 2003

William Clennell celebrates the 400th anniversary of Oxford's Bodleian Library.

Volume: 52 Issue: 11 2002

Tim Grady explores life for the teachers and students in a Bavarian university in the 1920s and 1930s.

Volume: 52 Issue: 7 2002

Andrew Reekes speaks out in protest at the new A2/AS dispensation.

Issue: 44 2002

Graham D Goodlad matches source-based questions with the skills needed to tackle them effectively.

Issue: 43 2002

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