East India Company

Paul Lay

The great French statesman had a robust view of Britain's place in Europe.

It is crucial that historians maintain their fundamental maxim: ‘It is a bit more complicated than that.’

Paul Lay remembers the social historian and History Today contributor, who died this week.

Buoyed by being on the right side of history in the Second World War, Britain tends to be neglectful of its own 20th-century excesses.

Why did the French Revolution happen in France and not comparable countries such as Britain or Spain?

Seven titles have made the shortlist for our annual book prize.

Few publications have done more for the cause of contemporary history than the JCH.

In differing ways, John Bossy, Lisa Jardine and David Cesarani all broke free from the discipline's traditional confines.

Does an interest in culture, in history, make anyone wiser or even more moral?

Whatever one’s politics, the ideas put forward by the Levellers are significant.