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Paul Lay

Oswald Mosley, the siege of Corfe Castle, highway-women and more. 

Across the Middle East, minority religions are under threat. 

Paul Lay on the self-deprecating nature of Brummies.

Paul Lay reflects on the fashion for taking photographs in museums and galleries.

In embracing tattoos, the people of Britain are returning to their ancient roots, argues Paul Lay.

Paul Lay reflects on the differences between his generation and that of his grandfather, who fought in the First World War.

A selection of readers' correspondence with the editor, Paul Lay.

Our editor Paul Lay picks the books he'll be packing to the beach this summer.

The furore over Michael Gove's plans for the English curriculum shows our collective amnesia over our rich sources of literature and history, writes Paul Lay.

The winners of this year's prestigious history prize have been announced.



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