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Paul Lay

Few publications have done more for the cause of contemporary history than the JCH.

In differing ways, John Bossy, Lisa Jardine and David Cesarani all broke free from the discipline's traditional confines.

Does an interest in culture, in history, make anyone wiser or even more moral?

Whatever one’s politics, the ideas put forward by the Levellers are significant.

The former city-state and birthplace of Christopher Columbus has long been a global city. 

A general set of principles for practitioners of public history.

Documentaries are too often full of simplicities and stereotypes. This needn't be the case.

Paul Lay offers a few words on the eminent historian, who died in April. 

The attraction of the Cromwell Association lies in the lack of reverence it attaches to its subject.

Why do so many terrorists come from an engineering background?