Kathryn Hadley

It has now been officially announced that Stalin's only daughter died last week in the United States, aged 85.

Watch footage of the Delhi Durbar of 1911, in colour.

The discovery of early Bronze Age remains and artefacts in Dartmoor National Park may be one of the most significant archaeological finds of the past 100 years.

General de Gaulle died on November 9th, 1970. Watch footage of his funeral in Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises and an American news report from the time.

Having received over 100 submissions, here is the longlist for the Longman-History Today Book of the Year Award.

The bodies of 21 German soldiers from the First World War were recently discovered in north eastern France, revealing a great deal about the way in which the war is remembered in Germany.

A slideshow of irreverent 18th-century drawings targetting Louis XV's favourite mistress.

Queen Victoria's silk bloomers were sold in Edinburgh for £10,000, more than three times their estimated price.

Queen Victoria's bloomers, nightgown and several pairs of stockings are amongst the contents of Old Battersea House, which is being auctioned today in Edinburgh.

The archive of the world's oldest scientific journal has been made permanently free to access online.