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Like sport, politics is a form of theatre. It has elements of soap opera, melodrama, comedy and tragedy. It encompasses the interplay of ideas and...

Hollywood offers a new version of the Exodus story, the West’s most enduring political narrative.

The much-loved film first appeared in theatres on December 15th, 1939.

Alarm about moral degeneracy and ‘family values’ provoked Hollywood to instigate its own self-censorship codes in the 1920s. But much more than prudery underpinned their lasting impact, says Tim Stanley.

Hitler loved the movies. He watched a film every night after dinner with his entourage. Across the pond, Hollywood saw Germany as one of its biggest...

Taylor Downing looks at the making of the pioneering television series that launched BBC2 and marked the 50th anniversary of the First World War.

The strangeness of the past can be evoked more effectively in pick and mix fantasies than in those novels, films and TV dramas that aspire to realism, argues Suzannah Lipscomb.

London 2012 will be the biggest television spectacle ever. Taylor Downing reflects on the extraordinary links between the Olympics and the moving picture throughout their histories.

Most people today learn much of what history they know from popular culture. More enduring and more influential than almost any academic history is...

As Coronation Street celebrates half a century in the nation’s living rooms, Andrew Roberts looks at why an intensely parochial television series that has wilfully refused to acknowledge change is still going strong.