W. Baring Pemberton introduces the most intrepid of the Italian Liberator's English volunteers.

Philippa Joseph reviews an exhibition at the National Gallery, London.

One of the key figures of the Italian Renaissance died on August 1st, 1464.

Marcella Pellegrino Sutcliffe examines the political machinations behind a visit to England in 1864 of the Italian patriot and ‘liberator’, darling of the English establishment and radicals alike.

Patricia Wright describes the first Italian attempt to capture Ethiopia.

During the winter of 1935-6, writes Patricia Wright, Italian armies overran Ethiopia and annexed the Empire to the Italian Crown.

Prospects seemed encouraging for the Italian Empire in 1940, writes Patricia Wright, but an arduous defeat ensued.

David Mitchell introduces the Italian Romantic poet who played a brief part upon the European political stage.

The prototype of nationalist hero, yet a great internationalist, Garibaldi believed passionately in freedom but did not, writes Denis Mack Smith, disdain dictatorial methods.

This elegantly conceived volume adds considerably to our knowledge and understanding of one of the most remarkable buildings to have been...

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