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Volume 52 Issue 1 January 2002

Daniel Snowman meets the historian of witches and witchcraft in Early Modern Europe.

Ian Mabbett considers how Buddhism, while preaching the rejection of society, simultaneously became a popular religion.

Jonathan Williams and Andrew Meadows review the history of the various currencies that were replaced by the Euro.

Denise Silverster-Carr on the history of this unique resource for research.

Margaret Brennand of the Public Record Office on the launch of a major online resource for local and family historians.

Richard Connaughton on the need to re-evaluate an over-looked conflict of the early 20th century.

In his recent Colin Matthew Memorial Lecture to the Royal Historical Society, Peter Hennessy analyses the power relationships within New Labour

Penny Young on new excavations in one of the most historically rich areas in the Middle East.

David Blaazer traces rival nationalisms within the British Isles from banknotes.

A.D. Harvey assesses the role of the Soviet Air Force in the defeat of Nazism.

Continuing our History and the Environment series, Harriet Ritvo looks at the role of big-game hunting in spreading awareness of the need for conservation

Vivienne Crawford examines the medicinal history of cannabis in Britain.

Melissa Lane looks at the reputation of the great philosopher. both at the time of is death and in subsequent debates about democracy.

Louis Braille died on January 6th, 1852, aged 43.

The Anglo-Japanese Treaty of Alliance, the first between a European country and an Asiatic power against a Western rival, was signed on January 30th, 1902.

The Holy Roman Emperor died on January 23rd, 1002.