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Volume 51 Issue 1 January 2001

Annual competition for essays on Oliver Cromwell.

Unearthing the Cumbrian city's Roman past.

The Prussian Kingdom was founded on January 18th, 1701, when the Elector Frederick III had himself crowned Frederick I at Konigsberg.

Lynne Stembridge looks beyond the homespun image of the Shakers, to reveal the substance of the original movement and its sometimes turbulent past.

Daniel Snowman meets the biographer of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, media don and constitutional expert.

History Today celebrates 50 years in print

Robert Poole contributes to our occasional Film in Context series, with a look at the way in which Stanley Kubrick redefined our views not only of the future, but of space itself.

Paul Dukes takes a fresh look at the Cold War in the light of some recurring themes of Russian and American history since the 18th century.

Richard Vinen shows how events of the last 10 years have forced him to rethink his own assumptions about the past.

Guiseppe Verdi, described by the Italian parliament as 'one of the highest expressions of the national genius' died on January 27th, 1901, aged 87.

Anthony Bryer takes a Byzantine view of time and identity.

Lyn and Michael Hymers explain what made them reconstruct life during the Blitz for the benefit of television cameras.

Stephen D. Behrendt marks the advent of an electronic database for the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Started in 1947, to grow peanuts in Tanganyika as a contribution to both the African and British economies, the Groundnuts Scheme was abandoned four years later on January 9th, 1951.