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Volume 47 Issue 6 June 1997

Nigel Saul discusses attempts to revive the crusading zeal in late medieval Europe and explains why they failed to rekindle the fervour of the earlier movement.

C. John Sommerville on networking in 17th-century coffee houses.

Sarah Foster offers a fascinating account of how Irish identity, with its sectarian implications, asserted itself in the manufacture and purchase of luxury goods.

Denise Silvester-Carr investigates the restoration of Hardwick Hall, home of Bess of Hardwick.

At Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in June 1897, pride in the British Empire seemed at its zenith, but in a fresh look at the commemorative poems of Rudyard Kipling, Denis Judd finds the poet pointing to cracks in the imperial façade.

John Cabot set sail from Bristol, England, looking for a route to the west on May 20th 1497.

Paul Goalen on questions of national identity in the classroom.

In an intriguing story of pistols at dawn involving one of Hitler's golden Teutons, William Combs explores the tensions between old and new codes of honour in Nazi Germany.

Tony Aldous investigates the story behind Grey Street in Newcastle upon Tyne

Edward Pearce on how the Conservative Party have faced defeat in yesteryear.