Volume 45 Issue 8 August 1995

Richard Cavendish goes behind bars at the Beaumaris Gaol and Courthouse, Anglesey

Jeffrey Green describes the impact of a troupe of six 'dwarf savages' and what it reveals about social and racial attitudes of the time.

Larry Gragg recounts the attempts of a younger son to shake off his reputation in 17th-century Barbados.

Laurie Johnston explores the significance of public education in Cuba's efforts to forge a national identity in a period of US intervention.

Tower Museum, Londonderry

UN-designated celebration of the millennium of the Kyrgyz national epic 'Manas'

Sue Harper reveals how a swashbuckling tale of gypsy romance opens an unexpected window on 1940s women in Britain.

Tim Thornton explains how a complex legal case casts light on centralised royal power in Tudor England and its limitations.

Nigel Pearce marks the completion of a TV series spanning world history.

Alonzo Hamby considers Harry Truman's First World War experiences and explores the dilemmas that influenced his decision to drop atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.