Volume 45 Issue 1 January 1995

Alistair Hennessy on the Regency North Wales family whose country seat was built on the profits from the slave plantations of the Caribbean.

Robert Beddard shows how a sumptuous mansion by the Thames became a hive of intrigue and activity for its Stuart courtier owners.

A digest of books to coincide with the celebrations

Nigel Saul examines the social aspirations of a fourteenth-century Sussex castle and the man who built it.

Bernard Porter looks at the Victorian capitalist who made his fortune from dealing in weapons of war and constructed a Northumberland haven with the proceeds.

Peter Fowler looks at the varied spiritual and physical landscapes of a twenty-eight-and-a-half acre site in Wiltshire which contains one of the most important megalithic monuments in Europe

Alice Friedman investigates a Derbyshire 'prodigy house' and its formidable progenitor, a much-married Elizabethan woman.

Alec Betterton explains how a timber-framed hall opens a window onto the piety and economics of a Suffolk market town in the 1520s.