Volume 42 Issue 8 August 1992

Operation 'Rutter' was launched on August 19th, 1942. Here, M.R.D. Foot reassesses views of the Allied attack on the German-occupied port of Dieppe.

A new museum and tours dedicated to the battles of the Somme

Anthony Gross traces the tenacious efforts of Henry VI's partisans to regain the throne from the House of York, and at a strange alliance that nearly paid off.

Did the system spawn a monster - or a monster the system? Norman Pereira re-evaluates the road to totalitarianism in the Soviet Union after the Revolution, and Stalin's part in it. 

Norman Bainbridge looks at the events to mark Nottinghamshire's role in the English Civil War.

Pictures worth a thousand words - William Coupe traces, via cartoons, the changes in attitudes and public opinion in the Kaiser's Germany towards the First World War.

by Euan Cameron

Lawrence James looks at the melange of racial theory, economic interest and Boys' Own 'derring-do' that fuelled European ambitions for a 'place in the sun'.

Tony Aldous discusses the missing millions in the art world

Trevor Fisher chronicles the backlash against libertarianism in art and literature in the closing years of the Victorian era.

Neil Evans on the Continent's Celtic connections

Paul K. Martin with an eyewitness account of Barcelona's rival Olympics of 1936.

Richard Cavendish carves out some monumental history in Derbyshire

M.R.D. Foot offers a fresh view on the 1942 Allied raid on Nazi-occupied France and its lessons for D-Day.