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Volume: 61 Issue: 10

Contents of History Today, October 2011

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What was behind Colonel Thomas Blood’s failed attempt to steal the Crown Jewels during the cash-strapped reign of Charles II and how did he survive such a...

The standing of Britain’s police forces may be in decline at home, yet their insights into policing methods and practices are still sought eagerly elsewhere,...

Robert Bickers looks at an emerging archive of British photo albums that record both the drama of the 1911 revolution and the surprisingly untroubled daily lives...

Rachel Hammersley discusses how events in the 1640s and 1680s in England established a tradition that inspired French thinkers on the path to revolution a century...

Identifying those who took part in the recent riots in London and other English cities may prove easier than in past disorders, but the recent widespread...

Thomas Penn examines M.J. Tucker’s article on the court of Henry VII, first published in History Today in 1969.

A selection of readers' correspondence with the editor, Paul Lay.

Pitt the Elder resigned on October 5th, 1761, at the age of 52.

Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility was first published in London by Thomas Egerton on October 30th, 1811.

Ann Natanson reports on a new scheme to restore the Roman Colosseum to its former gory glory.

Fifty years ago a British film challenged widespread views on homosexuality and helped to change the law. Andrew Roberts looks at the enduring impact of Basil...

History is an unending dialogue between past and present. As Jeffrey Richards discusses here, this is as true of historical films as it is about the writing of...

Jonathan Fenby argues that the failings of China's 1911 revolution heralded decades of civil conflict, occupation and suffering for the Chinese people.

There is nothing new or exceptional about the recent English riots and they will have little long-term impact, argues Tim Stanley.

The 264 inhabitants of the island of Tristan da Cunha were evacuated to Cape Town on October 10th, 1961.

Seventy-five years on, the Battle of Cable Street still holds a proud place in anti-fascist memory, considered a decisive victory against the far right. In fact,...

William Beckford was the model of an 18th-century progressive and aesthete. But the wealth that allowed him to live such a lifestyle came from the slaves he...

Paul Lay responds to the controversy around David Starkey's Newsnight appearance and explains how history 'helps one develop a thick skin'.

Walter Raleigh is credited with bringing tobacco and potatoes from the New World back to Britain. But how can we be sure that we've been using them correctly? An...

Jonathan Keates reviews Paul Stathern's account of a particularly bizarre moment in Renaissance history.

David Waller reviews Fiona MacCarthy's biography of Edward Burne-Jones.

Patrick Porter reviews Zara Steiner's 'superbly wrought history' of the pre-Second World War decade.

Jeffrey Richards reviews Bettina Bildhauer's study of medieval-themed cinema.

Paul Lay talks to Thomas Weber about his groundbreaking study, Hitler's First War.

Matthew Sweet reviews Rodney Bolt's biography of Mary Benson.

Richard Bosworth reviews David Stafford's 'official history' of SOE action during the Italian campaign.

David Cesarani reviews Tom Segev’s biography of the man who was credited with bringing hundreds of Nazi war criminals to justice and Bob Moore's study of Jewish...

Roger Moorhouse reviews Daniel Blatman's study of the 'death marches' at the end of the Second World War.

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Rosie Atkins reviews Margaret Willes' 'welcome insight into an often neglected period of garden history'.

Nigel Saul reviews 'one of the masterpieces of historical writing of our time'.

Hannah Greig reviews the first book-length study of London's Vauxhall Gardens for over 55 years.

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