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Volume: 36 Issue: 3

Contents of History Today, March 1986

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Was the Protestant Church of Elizabeth the catalyst for a new patriotism, based on a special sense of English destiny and divine guidance?

Paul Kennedy marks A.J.P. Taylor's 80th birthday this month by charting the tensions in the man and his writing - between views of history as 'accident' and 'grand...

'Rude, rough and lawless' was one view of the women and children employed on the land in Victorian England. But was theirs a harsher fate than work in the factory...

John D. Hargreaves discusses cultural reconstruction and its political implications.

Tony Aldous on a Worcestershire town whose natural resources brought the Romans there.

Women were evaluated principally as child bearers and child rearers in the male-orientated world of ancient Greece, but not without dignity or compassion.

Ann Hills on a new pictoral, archival map for a historic Dorset parish

A history of wasted opportunity – prejudice, procrastination and fears of a British backlash hampered attempts to give the Indian Army a native officer corps between...

J.J. West explores a major Tudor courtier house near Bristol

Sarah Jane Checkland visits a 15th-century Wiltshire Manor House.

Intellectual sharpness and an aggressive building programme marked the Norman transformation of English monasticism.

Anglo-Saxon art gave way to Romanesque under the Conqueror and his successors, but the change was more gradual and less one-sided than the political changes might...

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