Making History

Reflecting on the Past

A valedictory column provides a chance to reflect on a decade grappling with what history is and how it should be written.

Written in Heraldry

Lions are noble; unicorns pure. Knowing how to decipher heraldry reveals the aspirations – and humour – of the regal past.

Explicit Content

Rude words are a constant, but their ability to cause offence is in flux. Historians should know their flim-flam from their fiddle-faddle

Matters of Importance

There are several obstacles between Tudor women and their biographers. Bypassing them is a slow but necessary process. 

The Continuity of Community

The support and camaraderie of close-knit communities were a double-edged sword. Nothing was private and reputations could be ruined at the twitch of the curtain.