January Quiz

Which king was nicknamed Beauclerc? When was the Barbados Independence Act?

November Quiz

Who was the first woman to be granted a hereditary peerage? When was the attack on Pearl Harbor?

October Quiz

Who was Matthew Webb? How many books were in Umberto Eco’s library?

September Quiz

Who was Catherine Parr’s first husband? Who was the last Aztec ruler?

August Quiz

Who was the most photographed American of the 19th century? Can you identify Henry VII?

August Quiz

What was Roman Fever? When was the Black Panther party founded?

July Quiz

Who was the first and only prime minister to be assassinated? How many people were in the Council of Ten?

May Quiz

Which Pope refused Henry VIII’s annulment? When was income tax first levied in Britain?

April Quiz

When was the Year of the Four Popes? Who were the Sacred Band of Thebes?