Moving Up from AS to A2 History

Paul Ward gives guidance to students on making a key transition.

Many of you reading this will have successfully completed your AS History course and will be beginning your A2 year. You may be finding the level of work more challenging, and you may be adapting quite well or you may feel lost in the content and unsure of what you should be doing. The aim of this article is to help by offering tips to enable you to focus your minds on what examiners are looking for at A2. It is also hoped that it will provide you with some ideas on how to make good notes and on how to prepare effectively for the exam. 

The Skills required 

It is important that you have a clear awareness of what skills are required for A2. The intention is that you are building on those introduced to you at AS level. Yet different skills are also required, and although each examination board varies in its approaches to testing these new skills, it is possible to identify important core abilities that you need to be aware of and that you should be improving.

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