Robert the Bruce: Born To Be King?

Remembered today as a national hero, Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, had an upbringing which spanned Essex to Ulster. He was a hybrid king to the last.

Cleansing the Causeway

The soldiers of Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus, fought the men of James Hamilton, Earl of Arran, in Edinburgh on 30 April 1520.

Scotland Too

Scotland’s profiteering and complicity within the British Empire’s transatlantic slave trade.

The Darien Scheme

Scotland’s short-lived, catastrophic Central American colony exposed its precarious relationship with England. Was closer union an inevitable result?

Picts, Pins, Stones and Bones

A vivid account of groundbreaking archaeological excavations at a Scottish site of crucial importance to the North Sea world.

Scottish Castles: Towers of Power

The castles of Scotland are tangible evidence of the country’s evolution from violent feudalism towards a more settled and centralised nation state. David C. Weinczok explores a land of hill forts, towerhouses and châteaux. 

The Jacobite Rebellion

Few events have been as romanticised and misunderstood as the Jacobite Rebellion. And, as Jacqueline Riding explains, politics has brought its myths to the fore once again.