Volume 69 Issue 1 January 2019

Hoes before Bros

Venetian officials sought to stem a ‘plague’ of sodomy by promoting the heterosexual sex trade.

A History Fit for the Taliban

The story of Afghanistan from the 13th century until the present illuminates why the international intervention that began in 2001 failed to deliver.

In Her DNA

Rosalind Franklin’s work was pivotal to one of the 20th century’s greatest scientific discoveries.

The United Ideologies of America

A wise and readable narrative history of the United States is a reminder of how tenaciously previous generations have clung to the view that the country is the ‘last, best hope of earth’.

On the Spot: Michael Scott

‘The most common misconception about my field is that classicists study a past that no longer impacts on our world today.’

Belligerent Brits

Germany is the country most closely associated with militarism, but Britain has had its militarist moments, too.