Volume 60 Issue 9 September 2010

Charlemagne the Pragmatist

Hywel Williams revisits an article by Peter Munz, first published in History Today in 1959, and asks who needed whose approval most, the great ruler of the Franks or Pope Leo III?

Only Connect: Text mining for historians

Nick Poyntz looks at the opportunities offered to historians by text mining, the use of computer programmes to examine concordances and divergences within and between documents and texts.

Michael Burleigh: The Sceptical Realist

The acclaimed historian Michael Burleigh talks to Paul Lay about his influences, working methods, the need for historians to engage in public policy and why he is relieved to be free from academic bureaucracy. 

The Battle of Britain: The Many and the Few

Richard Overy looks behind the myth of a vulnerable island defended by a small band of fighter pilots to give due credit to the courage of the redoubtable civilian population.

Lessons from Auschwitz

Kathryn Hadley joins a group of schoolteachers and police officers in an innovative project that seeks ways to better understand the Holocaust.