Volume 6 Issue 10 October 1956

De Lesseps and the Suez Canal

W.H. Chaloner assesses the life and career of Ferdinand De Lesseps, the French diplomat and later developer of the Suez Canal.

Jamaica and Britain

Jamaica, writes Morris Cargill, has been a British possession since the times of Cromwell.

Yorkshire’s Treaty of Neutrality

Always a staunchly independent race, Yorkshiremen made strenuous efforts to preserve their neutrality during the struggle between King and Parliament. By Austin Woolrych.

The Elizabethan Archbishops

Deryck Abel assesses the challenges to, and abilities of, the various heads of the English church under Queen Elizabeth I.


Much malignant gossip has gathered around the enigmatic personality of the second Roman Emperor whose peaceful reign extended from AD 14 until AD 37.