Volume 58 Issue 10 October 2008

A War Cartoonist at the Foreign Office

Mark Bryant examines the wartime work of Osbert Lancaster, the centenary of whose birth this year is marked with a new exhibition at the Wallace Collection, London.

Masters & Commanders

Andrew Roberts reflects on the often stormy relationship between Churchill and the Chiefs of Staff during the Second World War.

Election of John Paul II

John Paul II was elected on October 16th, 1978. He was the first non-Italian pope to be elected in four centuries.

Mathematical Water Magic

An exotic London theatre funded the building of the first Eddystone lighthouse. Alison Barnes has discovered what kind of shows it staged.

Cold Comfort?

To coincide with ‘Cold War Modern’, a major new exhibition at the V & A in London, its consultant curator, David Crowley of the Royal College of Art, looks back on the 1959 Kennedy-Khrushchev ‘Kitchen Debate’ and explores how modern design became an active part of that war.