Volume 55 Issue 9 September 2005

What the Regicides Did For Us

Far from being the bogeymen of history, Geoffrey Robertson QC says that the English regicides were men of principle who established our modern freedoms.

Between Bushido and Black Humour

Stewart Lone looks beyond the idea of the impassive, self-sacrificing citizen to discover how ordinary Japanese people really reacted to the war with Russia in 1904-05.

Gone to the Docks

David Carpenter recalls the vanished world of the London docks in the 1950s.

New Light on Eddystone

Alison Barnes reveals a new discovery about the Eddystone lighthouse: the first of its kind to be built on rocks in the sea.

Not So Desperate Housewives

Historian of suburbia Mark Clapson peers over the fences of Wisteria Lane to discover a fifty-year-old myth still at work.

Sir Rees Davies

Ralph Griffiths commemorates the recently deceased historian of medieval Wales and Britishness.

Saving India Through its Women

Seán Lang tells of the Dufferin Fund, an aristocratic initiative supported by Queen Victoria to improve medical conditions, particularly in childbirth, for Indian women in the late 19th century.