Volume 55 Issue 3 March 2005

Conquering England

Roy Foster introduces a new exhibition on the Irish in London in the 19th and early 20th centuries, opening at the National Portrait Gallery on March 9th 2005.

The Children’s War

Juliet Gardiner discusses a new exhibition on the experiences of children in the Second World War, which opens at the Imperial War Museum on March 18th.

The Lisbon Tsunami

Jenifer Roberts recalls the impact of a tidal wave that brought chaos and disaster to Portugal.

We Don’t Do Empire

Bernard Porter is unconvinced by American denials of a new imperialism and finds comparisons – as well as important differences – with the British experience.

The 1905 Aliens Act

Anne Kershen looks at the background to a significant benchmark in British anti-immigration legislation.

Storm Over Mexico

Godfrey Hodgson tells the colourful story of Jane McManus, political journalist, land speculator, pioneer settler in Texas and propagandist who believed that the United States had a ‘manifest destiny’ to rule Mexico and the Caribbean.