Volume 55 Issue 1 January 2005

Black Birds of Doom

Boria Sax finds modern myth-making at work in the apparently timeless legend of the ravens in the Tower.

Dear John

Bendor Grosvenor reveals for the first time a letter by Queen Victoria, which sheds light on the true nature of her relationship and feelings for her man-servant John Brown.

Not All That Again

Jonathan Conlin reads 1066 And All That, a book that served as a point of departure to so many people, seventy-five years after its first publication.

Witnessing a Revolution

This month marks the 100th anniversary of St Petersburg’s Bloody Sunday. The Manchester Guardian was there, as Charlotte Alston describes.

Before New England: The Popham Colony

Richard L. Pflederer visits the site of the first short-lived English colony in Maine set up in competition with Jamestown in Virginia, and considers a remarkable map of it drawn by one of the colonists.