Volume 54 Issue 4 April 2004

John Brewer

Daniel Snowman meets the historian of 18th-century British art, culture, commerce, consumption – and a sensational murder.

Mr Mill’s Circus

Phil Chamberlain explains a Second World War plan to silence German double agents in the event of a German invasion of Britain.

Narrative Flow

Narrative historian and festival organiser Derek Wilson looks back over half a century of popularising history

The Myth of Chumik Shenko

Charles Allen challenges the accepted account of a tragic massacre that took place in Tibet a century ago this month.

‘Tek Force Wid Force’

Paul Shirley describes the freedom struggles of African Americans in the Bahamas after the American War of Independence.

Genocide and Historical Debate

William D. Rubinstein ascribes the bitterness of historians’ arguments to the lack of an agreed definition and to political agendas.

The Hanged Man

Robert Bartlett delves into the Vatican archives to resuscitate a remarkable tale of execution and resurrection in 13th-century south Wales.