Volume 51 Issue 8 August 2001

Partisan Memories

Stuart Hood recalls his involvement with the Italian partisans in 1943-44, and is surprised by the way events in which he participated are memorialised.

Local Heroes

Margaret Mehl explains the surprising adoption of two Japanese scholars by their hometowns as major tourist attractions.

From Canal Lock to Gridlock

Philip Bagwell finds the origins of Britain's transport crisis in a long-standing debate over the role of the government.

Making the Modern World

The Science Museum in London last year opened its largest historical gallery. Timothy Boon, its Deputy Project Director, explains the roles of history within the display.

Undergraduate History 2001

Robert Pearce reviews the responses to our annual survey of the world of undergraduate history in British universities.

Who Was Shakespeare?

William Rubinstein continues his survey of topics of enduring popular debate by examining the controversy surrounding the true identity of England's famous bard.

A Future on Hold

Karen Thomas presents the struggles for Sahrawi identity, past and present, in North Africa.